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Ovulation induction / controlled ovarian stimulation

Ovulation induction also known as controlled ovarian hyperstimulation is a treatment done to help a woman ovulate. Under this process, the ovaries are stimulated by fertility medication to produce ovulatory follicles. The medication given during this treatment helps a woman to ovulate multiple eggs during the month in order to increase the chances of pregnancy.

Ovarian Stimulation is under two different methods. The first method is used for women who are not ovulating spontaneously (irregular or infrequent menstruation). In such cases, the purpose of the treatment is to stimulate the release of one egg a month. Whereas in the second method, the woman is ovulating spontaneously, but has unexplained infertility. In this case, the purpose of ovulation induction is to stimulate the production of follicles, so that more eggs will be released. A combination of oral fertility medication and injectable fertility hormones are used under this treatment. Women who are undertaking this treatment are frequently monitored with vaginal ultrasound scans in order to perceive the response of the follicles to the treatment. Thus, the aim of controlled ovarian stimulation is to attain a healthy singleton pregnancy